Monday, August 4, 2008

Yu Dan

A long long time ago,
there was this naughty little boy,
who has a very nasty temper,
every single day,
he would vent his anger on his family.
One day his father spoke to him,
"Every single time you vent your anger
hammer a nail into the kitchen wall."
The boy said fine,
I like hammering things anyway.
So every single time he exploded,
he would nail a nail into the wall.
Then one day he realized
that there was no place left on the wall to nail,
he thought to himself,
I couldn't carry on like this,
it isn't right to do this,
and so his father told him,
if you can control your temper for a day,
you can take down a nail.
And so the boy tried terribly hard,
and managed to keep his temper in check,
and because it was so hard just to get a nail down,
he never lost his temper again,
he managed to get all the nails down one day,
and happily he went to his father,
"Father look all the nails are down."
His father turned to look at the wall,
"Look at every single one of the holes,
they are the damage inflicted by the wrath of your anger,
the hurt you caused to everyone in this family,
the nails might be gone,
but the damage has been done."

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