Monday, August 4, 2008

The correct version of my 3 little pigs

Hmm.... Ok, my last post, the one on the three little pig, haha, I got it a bit wrong.... I got it from chicken soup... and translated to my own version....

A long long time ago,
there lived three little pigs,
one was called grumpy,
the other was bumpy,
and the youngest was frumpy,
on a dark dark night,
they met this heavenly angel,
who told them to pick up pebbles
as many as they possibly could,
grumpy wasn't happy,
what use could pebbles have,
bumpy wasn't happy,
pebbles couldn't be eaten,
frumpy wasn't happy,
pebbles were so heavey!
but still they picked up a pebble,
for they didn't want to disobey the angel.
The angel before leaving,
turned and told them this,
"Tomorrow the day would be glad,
but the three little pigs would be sad."
Puzzled by the words of the angel,
the three little pigs fell into a deep sleep.
Awoken by the rays of the sun the next day,
the three little pigs went about doing their work,
when the sun went down and the moon came up,
they discovered to their utmost delight,
that the pouch containing the pebble,
was glowing as bright as a star,
they opened up the pouches,
to find in each of them,
a bright sparkling diamond,
and not a single trace of the pebble.
A cloud of sadness fell across their faces,
for they now realised,
how folly they had been,
had they picked up more pebbles,
how much more diamonds they would have gotten!

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