Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I thought the olympic incident regarding the pretty little angel miming the voice of an angel absolutely disgraceful. Of course, I'm not referring to the kids but the organizers behind it. What are we teaching our children here?! Are we saying that to achieve perfection, one has to resort to lies and deceit? Are we saying that looks and beauty are that important? Are we saying in life, we expect everything to be perfect and if you are not born with the perfect looks or voice, something is wrong with you? Are we saying that we will tolerate no imperfection and that our imperfection are actually flaws and not what makes us human? Just what kind of values are we inculcating in our children?

I believe we all know that the little eyes are constantly on us, that what we do is a million times more important than what we preach to them. How are we supposed to face them and answer them if they were to question us on this incident? Do we say, oh, it's because the angel with a voice is not pretty enough to be able to stand on stage singing and so we chose a pretty little girl to act as if she was the one singing?

Olympics isn't about perfection! It's about us striving to reach a stage of perfection, it's about overcoming our imperfections be it physical or pyschological. In the latter, we have failed. We have failed to embrace imperfection, we choose rather to foster an image of false perfection. This is no different from an athelete taking contraband substances to execute the perfect performance.

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