Friday, August 22, 2008


You know that stuff about original sin in christanity? That Adam and Eve know no shame till they were tempted by the crafty serpent and ate the fruit of good and evil. I’ve always wondered and pondered about that. You see, children have no sense of shame at all, and I mean it in the good way. When they were born, they were not ashamed to be naked. It was after we taught them that it is not ‘right’, whatever that means to be ‘right’, (perhaps the meaning of right is majority, because 85% of the population in the world are right handers), that the children then learn to be ashamed of this own nakedness.

Now, you see, in christanity, we were born sinners, or we are? (My grammar SUX!) If sin was passed on, we ought to be born ashamed of our own nakedness as well since the sin is the possession of the ‘wisdom’ or ‘knowledge’. But the fact is, we aren’t.

Which reminds me of another thought often swimming and floundering in my head, that we always modify things to suit our theory. For instance, in animal farm, the pigs keep changing the rules for their own benefit. In science, as students, we all like to give excuses to fit our theories, because if our theory or hypothesis is wrong, then we'd be back at square one. Which is what Richard Feynmann excactly warned us against, the world is as it should be, no anyone is to say it should work this way or that. In religion, for instance christanity, you see so many different branches or versions with different rules. Maybe I'm the one that is modifying things to suit my own theory, but whatever, we people are always biased no matter how we claim not to be. (modifying things? sounds so weird, damn, I can;t express myself right)

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