Friday, September 5, 2008

My quote?

I can't remember if i got this from somewhere, but if I didn't, then this quote must be mine, haha.

"When one is too busy judging, there will be no time left for understanding." ~ Hopefully is me

His story or her story?

In 1923, one vote gave Hitler leadership in the Nazi party.

Unbelievable, I got this from chicken soup, one vote!? one vote and could it have changed the whole world?

Which reminds me of a joke,

why did you have 2 history classes in a day?
Ans: Because history repeats itself.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A new neighbor asked the little girl next door if she had any brothers and sisters. She replied, "No, I'm the lonely child."

One day a guy was driving with his four-year-old daughter and beeped his car horn by mistake.
She turned and looked at him for an explanation.
He said, "I did that by accident."
She replied, "I know that, Daddy."
He replied, "How'd you know?"
The girl said, "Because you didn't say 'JERK' afterwards!"

think think think

I think most of us know not what we really want, I mean really really want. All we think is, oh, i just want more money, but what the hell do we do with that much money? For material comforts of course, but our greed and lust will be insatiable, the more we have, the more we want. To be truly rich, is to not want anything. Oh no, I'm falling into preaching mode.

Watching movies these days, I kinda realise that we are getting more cynical as humans. There isn't any of those preachy idealistic drama stuff going on, I mean, who are we kidding man, our basic assumption is the same as Adam Smith, everyone is selfish and will take care of their own needs first.

Anyway, yea, I think we should always reflect on what we really want, and once again, haha, I'm so long winded, I mean really really reflect, really really think man.

If you make people think that they think they will love you; but if you make them really think they will hate you

Roscoe B. Ellard

Why isit easy to weigh fish?

Bcos they haf their own scales