Thursday, February 21, 2008


~Guys are like Parking lots the good ones are takin, and all the rest are handicapped.

"In writing think magic. Think delight. Think fun. Do not think duty. Write what intrigues you, explore what interests you; think mystery, not mastery."
- Julia Cameron

``Any idiot can face a crisis - it's this day-to-day living that wears you out.'"
-- Anton Chekov

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

"It was like this: you were happy."

Happiness comes when the story is over. Happiness _means_ that the story is over. Stories - books, songs, fables, ballads - must by definition tell of unhappiness, because without a struggle there's nothing to say. ~Deborah Markus

On Being Present (Pascal)

We never keep to the present. We recall the past; we anticipate the future as if we found it too slow in coming and were trying to hurry it up, or we recall the past as if to stay its too rapid flight. We are so unwise that we wander about in times that do not belong to us, and do not think of the only one that does; so vain that we dream of times that are not and blindly flee the only one that is. The fact is that the present usually hurts. We thrust it out of sight because it distresses us, and if we find it enjoyable, we are sorry to see it slip away. We try to give it the support of the future, and think how we are going to arrange things over which we have no control for a time we can never be sure of reaching.

Let each of us examine his thoughts; he will find them wholly concerned with the past or the future. We almost never think of the present, and if we do think of it, it is only to see what light it throws on our plans for the future. The present is never our end. The past and the present are our means, the future alone our end. Thus we never actually live, but hope to live, and since we are always planning how to be happy, it is inevitable that we should never be so. -- Pascal (Pensees)


To laugh often and much...
To win the respect of intelligent people,
And the affection of children...
To earn the appreciation of honest critics,
And to endure the betrayal of false friends...
To appreciate joy and beauty
And find the best in others...
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child,
A garden path, or a redeemed social condition...
To know that even one life has breathed
More easily because you have lived...
That is to have succeeded.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a dream!

I have a dream that one day the world will be a better place.
I have a dream that one day I will be more handsome than I now am.
I have a dream that one day I will have 11 cute little kids to form a soccer team and me the coach.
I have a dream today!
I have a dream that one day, there'd be no diseases like racism, terroism etc.
I have a dream that one day, someday I'd be more understood than I now am.
I have a dream that one day, no single person in the world would be unloved, feel unloved.
I have a dream that one day, I'd win the World Cup! (Maybe on PSP)
I have a dream that one day, someone will give me a PSP!

I really have plenty and plenty of dreams, the list is infinite, I guess I'm definitely a very dreamy person.

We can cure physical diesases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love > Author: Mother Teresa

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love. Author: Mother Teresa

If you judge people, you have no time to love them Author: Mother Teresa

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us Author: Helen Keller

Where there is love there is life Author: Mahatma Gandhi

The little prince yet again

But he would always answer, “That’s a hat.” Then I wouldn’t talk about boa constrictors or jungles or stars. I would put myself on his level and talk about bridge and golf and politics and neckties. And my grown-up was glad to know such a reasonable person.

In this passage from Chapter I, the narrator discusses his Drawing Number One, a picture that looks like a hat but is meant to portray a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. Whereas children use their imaginations and see the hidden elephant inside the boa constrictor, adults offer the most dull, unimaginative interpretation and see the picture as a hat. Here, the narrator explains that he uses this drawing as a barometer to see whether an adult retains any of his noble childhood perspective. Unfortunately, the narrator says, adults always respond with a grown-up perspective, so the narrator must talk with them about dull, pragmatic matters.
This passage demonstrates that being a grown-up is a state of mind, not a fact of life. The narrator is an adult in years, but he retains a childlike perspective. At the same time, this passage displays the loneliness that the narrator suffers as a result of his atypical outlook on life.

Perhaps tat's why i like the book so much, cos i can identify with the author, we are both childish people imprisoned in the world of grown ups...

Monday, February 18, 2008


"In many ways, the work of a critic is easy.
We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those
who offer up their work and their selves to our judgement.
We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read.
But the bitter truth we critics must face is that in the grand scheme of things,
the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.
But there are times when a critic truly risks something,
and that is in the discovery and defense of the new,
The world is often unkind to new talents, new creations.
The new needs friends."

An Excerpt from Ratoutille

Growing up

"I no longer experience the highs and lows of life, it's like one dull flat plateau.... like the waveform of the pulse of a dead person... you know? In dramas, when the patient on the operating table is about to cease, the waveform of his pulse will gradually dull to a flat plateau.... Is this what growing up feels like?"

Growing up is knowing that life is always full of ups and downs.
Growing up is realizing that a life without ups and downs is not a life worth living at all. For life is all about passion, and passion is what we all live for. (Passion = A very intense emotion, can be up or down.)
Growing up is to know that for every tear of sadness shed, a tear of joy would grow.
Growing up is to understand that there will be no joy, if there were no sadness.
Growing up is about having the courage to love, the courage to embrace pain, the courage to face the intensity of living and to understand that this thing called growing up, is never easy, and that all of us grow old, but not all of us grow up.

Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake—it's everything except what it is!

That truly for me, sums up the essence of love. It is so extremely terribly infinitely complicated, confusing that it is everything except what it is! Sounds confusing, sounds illogicial?! That is how love sounds like. Try to think about it but can't fathom it?! That is what love is about. Love has no true form. The more you think about it, the more confused you get. For it is not a thing to think about, it is a feeling to feel about.

Romeo: (Modern Version)

What's sad is that love is supposed to be blind, but it can still make you do whatever it wants.

O brawling love! O loving hate! Love that comes from nothing! Sad happiness! Serious foolishness! Beautiful things muddled together into an ugly mess! Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake—it's everything except what it is! This is the love I feel, though no one loves me back. Are you laughing?


Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still,
Should, without eyes, see pathways to his will!

Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate,
O anything of nothing first created!
O heavy lightness, serious vanity,
Misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms!
170 Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,
Still-waking sleep, that is not what it is!
This love feel I, that feel no love in this.
Dost thou not laugh?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Godliness....... Boring, dun say u haven't been warned

Children are rebellious by nature... so says I ... at least in the modern world..... Me.... am no exception.. Why should we be constraint by the laws set before us...... why should we stick to ardous grammaring and spelling... IF Shakespear thought the same too..... he wouldn't be shakespeare.....

Anyway, I'm drifting...... as always........ but I believe that's the way how our minds work..... or is it only mind? I always think I'm different......

YEs, drifting again...

But today, I'm gonna be rebellious..

My Mom's an extremely pious christian......
And so that makes me an ATHEIST...... Well.. not exactly....... BEcause of my very fluid nature... I'm an who is always unsure of oneself...... and that makes me the best kind of person... because I'm never wrong....... for I never claim I'm totally right..... for is there such a thing as an absolute in this world? I mean do they really exist or only so in theory?

Perhaps it's a little dry to some people...... or most people....... I like philosophy... but apparently...... most people don't ....... they say.... it's just fooling around with words.... In other words... philosophers are mere jokers man! they say... it's boring.... it's preaching here, preaching there..... preaching everywhere..... sO i guess i tend to preach a lot then.... I guess I'm boring then..... but what I've learn is that... nobody likes preaching... so in other words.. no one likes me.... and yes... so what's new.....

"men who are obviously religious are frequently more irreligious, in reality, than those who openly ignore religion. Preachers and ministers of religion have made it their business to deal with God at every moment. They cannot afford to wait until they come in touch with him. They dare not acknowledge the fact that they have not done so. Therefore they have to strain their minds into a constant attitude of God-knowingness. They have to delude themselves, in order to fulfil the expectations of others, or what they consider to be their duty.

And yet the consciousness of God, like that of all other ideas, comes to us only with intense moments of illumination, of inspiration. If we do not have the patience to wait for it, we only choke the path of inspiration with the debris of our consciouse efforts. Those who make it their business to preach God, preach creeds. They lose their sense of distinction between these two. Therefore their religion does not bring peace into this world, but conflict. They do not hestitate to make use even of their religion for the propaganda of national self-seeking and boastfulness."

We always hear things like people thanking god for say helping them escape a disaster.. say something like the Tusnami....... but then........ what happens to those who got washed away? what happens to those whom god didn't save? Aren't all lives equal? Or some lives are really more equal than others? I'm sure we all have a sense of what is fairness..... And I believe if we honestly ask ourselves.... the present world definitely doesn't run in a system we call fair.... How else would the word 'Karma' comes about? And yes... the typical ans would be: God has a plan for everything..... who are we to question god? It's Lucifer cum Saturn who planted doubts in your mind....

If God is all good, then how did evil come about? God created Lucifer...... so Lucifer must be all good.. so how can something all good become bad?

ANS: We have no control over our creations, our children rite?
I say, how can we compare ourselves to god? and isn't god supposed to be Omnipotent?

Question: Why did God created Mankind?
Ans: To take care of the animals, birds etc.......
I say.... what kinda answer is that? so why did he created the animals, birds etc..? Was he bored? Was he lonely? (I know I know..... I'm ignorant....... but they say.... ignorance is bliss....)

Question: If God was omnipotent, and that means everything is according to his plan because he has to be omnipotent............ then how does free will free choice come into place? because we all have to act according to his plan....

And plenty of other qns......
I can't stand women who have only a goal in life....... that is love.... that is to serve her man..... It's like leeching on to the man.. It's like, they haven't a life of their own, and that makes them........ lifeless.........

They are also imprisoning the man at the same time..... bounded by her.... bounded by love...... These women are VHM...... Very High Maintanence.........

There are 3 kinds of women in this world......VHM, HM (high maintanence) and LM (low maintanence).

I need a woman who has a life of her own... who has her own unique set of thinking..... yet not too obstinate on it.....

What kind of woman are you?

The worst kind...... are those who are HM but think they are LM

Friday, February 8, 2008


Yvaine: You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn't true. I know a lot about love. I've seen it, centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable. All those wars. Pain, lies, hate... It made me want to turn away and never look down again. But when I see the way that mankind loves... You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So yes, I know that love is unconditional. But I also know that it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing, and... What I'm trying to say, Tristan is... I think I love you. Is this love, Tristan? I never imagined I'd know it for myself. My heart... It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it's trying to escape because it doesn't belong to me any more. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange - no gifts. No goods. No demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

If I were to write the story of my life right now, it would be a book of blank pages, of million and million of blank pages, cos tat's what my life has been so far...

Haha, sounds dramatic eh...

And perhaps that's why we need movies or books or stories just to try to fill up the space in these blank pages and pretend they are part of our lives.......

And perhaps that's why we enjoy thrilling amusement rides because at least a few pages of our lives are splashed with thrill all over it.

But at least my story is not a life of tragedy, like Macbeth....... It's more like Beckett's Waiting for Godot.... But which is worse? Who is to know?