Monday, February 18, 2008

Growing up

"I no longer experience the highs and lows of life, it's like one dull flat plateau.... like the waveform of the pulse of a dead person... you know? In dramas, when the patient on the operating table is about to cease, the waveform of his pulse will gradually dull to a flat plateau.... Is this what growing up feels like?"

Growing up is knowing that life is always full of ups and downs.
Growing up is realizing that a life without ups and downs is not a life worth living at all. For life is all about passion, and passion is what we all live for. (Passion = A very intense emotion, can be up or down.)
Growing up is to know that for every tear of sadness shed, a tear of joy would grow.
Growing up is to understand that there will be no joy, if there were no sadness.
Growing up is about having the courage to love, the courage to embrace pain, the courage to face the intensity of living and to understand that this thing called growing up, is never easy, and that all of us grow old, but not all of us grow up.


ah boon said...

If you wanna a life of ups and down, you have to go out to the world to take in challenges and to deal with it. You have to start takign challenges that will make your life different.

Growing up is when one becomes more practical, more logical and less emotional, more picky and less tolerance.

Growing up is just another phrase for manipulation. Everyone manipulate others when growing up. Only those who have not seen to grow up are left out of this game as they are not worthy to be manipulated. You manipulate so that others and yourself are in control of the world you are in. If not, why do you want to grow up?

Sui Generis said...

Hmmm.... Your 'grown up' world sure isn't one I'd like to live in. Haha, yes, I hear you calling me impractical, for the world is like this right?

So ya, according to your definition of growing up, I would rather not grow up, for I do not want to control, nor do I want to be controlled, and so that leaves me gladly out of this game of control