Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adoption by homos?

I am totally for the motion that whether one is homo or hetereo or bi or tri or quad sexual.... one should be given the same rights as everyone else, to be able to adopt kids. I see no difference between a male and female, a malay and chinese, so why should it be any difference for sexuality? it's just that there are four kinds of eole instead of 2, which we've always gotten wrong, or erhas these 2 kinds kind of evolved into existence recently. Anyway, I believe it's nature, I mean considering how tough a ath is for the homosexuals, if given a choice, who would want to choose the harder ath? Therefore, what's important is not the sexual inclination of the parents to be but how well prepared are they to be parents.

I believe in the upbringing of kids, we've gotta be truthful and models to them, hence, if we were to deny the rights for the homos to adopt, then we're implying that there's something wrong with them, which there isn't! And we obviously can't be hypocrites, saying that there's nothing wrong with being homo but then not treating them as equals, what kind of parents are we then?

Maybe some people fear that the adopted child would be induced to the homo side of sexuality but i don't think the homo arents would do this to their adoted child. they already know how hard the life of a homo is, why would they want their child to suffer?

Maybe some fear that the adopted would be laughed at by their eers. Well, I'm always for the saying that what can't kill you will only make you stronger. And it's kind of good too, in the sense that the adopted would grow up faster and learn about the existence of prejudices in this world and thus grow up to be a more sensitive soul.

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