Saturday, August 9, 2008

2 brothers lived on an 80 storey high building. One morning, both of them set off to work with especially heavy bags. Unfortunately for them, both of them missed out on the notice that says that the lifts would not be in operation after 9pm.

When they returned home from work at 10pm and realized the lifts weren't working, they decided to climb up all the way home with their heavy bags.

Upon reaching the 20th storey, they were so out of breath that they decided to leave their bags behind and collect them the next day. So they continued climbing and when they reached the 40th level, they were so angry with each other for not reading the notice that they almost came to blows. When they reached the 60th storey, they were too tired and out of breadth to argue with each other and so in silence they made their final journey up to the 80th storey. Then did they realized that they've left the keys along with their bags on the 20th storey!

It sort of resembles life. When we are young and idealistic, we carry our dreams (bags) happily till we reached around 20 years of age. It's then that the burdens and reality of society hits us. Having to take care of our parents, having to clear the debts of our school fees, having to do this and that aka all the responsibilities. We become tired and so we say to ourselves let's lay off our dreams and goals first, when we have finished with these responsibilites, we'll then come and picked up where we left off, like in the story where they left the bags because they were too tired.

Then when we keep climbing till the 40th level, (around 40 years of age), we grumble and argue with one another because we are tired with these burdens. Then as we climbed till we are 60 years old, we realized that to blame and argue with each other is of no use and so we made our peace and struggled till the 80th level. It's only then that we realized that the key to our lives, our dreams and goals, we left them back then when we were twenty but there's no going back now.


Jean said...

Apt analogy of life

Sui Generis said...

haha, let's hope that it won't be an apt analogy of our lives