Thursday, August 14, 2008

I think in Korea there is one such parable.

There is this creature, with plenty of hair at the front, and none at the back. The hair at the front is so thick and dense that one can't really see how it looks like. So one will strain and try to catch a glimpse of the creature's looks because we are fear what we do not know. By the time we've got a clear look of this creature, it has already passed us and when we want to catch it, we wouldn't be able to do so because it has no hair at its back.

The name of this creature is opportunity.


Jean said...

I like this :)

Sui Generis said...

I heard this from the talk by the China Prof Yu Dan on Chinese Ancient Literature, she lectures on the chinese philosophers Zhuang Zi and Kong Zi, I like the ones on Zhuang Zi and maybe I got this from one of the lectures there. You can check those out on 于丹, just search for her name.