Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The teenage textbook!

I suddenly realise I'm such a narcissist! Why I am single, I've posted this title before, and in just 2 sentences, I've already used 5 'I's already! Everything is about me!

I've just finished an absolutely hilarious book, haha, the teenage textbook. It's written by a local singaporean author, yes, go local people! I've never laughed for so long while reading a book, note, not comic, but book with words words and mostly words! The last time I laughed out loud was when I read Neil humphrey's adventure in Singapore whereby he raised his hands in a primary school and his finger was sliced by the ceiling fan whirling like a hurricane above him. I'm not a good teller of joke and so you'd have to read that article to get a laugh. But ya, back to the teenage textbook, it's humor is slapstick and so lame! Haha, but I like it, it's local, I think we can relate to it better. The D.H Lawrence, the tolstoy, I'm sorry, they're old people, I think we have a generation gap and what's more, we leave in different parts of the world, or earth man.

Here's one of my favorite parts....

One of the characters in the story, Sean was dating this ever so hot girl called Sissy Song on Valentine's day. Sissy Song decided to change her order, so Sean desperate to show that he's the hot shot guy tries to get the attention of the waiter by waving at him. The waiter saw Sean's wave and in return, smiled and waved back politely at Sean wondering who the heck this friendly guy is.

So you see, it's a damn lame book, haha, but then, I just like it. Perhaps it's because we, I mean the book and I have something in common....

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