Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another silly theory

And I guess why the planets move in ellipses is also because of distorted spacetime. I seriously don't understand what spacetime is but because it sounds so cool, I have since subsituted space with space time, haha.

An ellipse is simply a circle when viewed from an inclined angle. When you were a child, you often draw ellipses because of our imperfection in drawing a perfect circle. Therefore, when spacetime is distorted, the planets are actually orbiting in circles but because of their gigantic masses thus distorting spacetime causing the 2D space time to sink in or get warped up, the perfect circle they are orbiting in is perceived as an ellipse from our point of view.

Another question that has been bugging me, why do mass attract mass??? Conservation of energy kind of makes sense, it's like there's no beginning there's no end etc kind of logic, but gravity... ????

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