Monday, July 28, 2008

Pyscho TEST!

Women love doing those pyschological questionaire to find out more about themselves, I wonder why! Of course that is a sweeping statement, I mean most ok, and in my opinion, as my young cousin always like to add... "In my opinion... this.... In my opinion... that...." Haha, man, how irritating!

Anyway, I wonder if it would be fun to set up a questionaire of my own, of course, then the 'women' would now doubt the credibility of this test then, because the setter is no pyschologist with a certificate, but I am still a pyschologist for I study human behavior, now now, who doesn't study human behavior? (Even animals study human behavior man!)

Question 1: If you were to find yourself alone, isolated on an island with lots of trees, what would you do?
a) Lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun
b) Lay down on the sand and dream about your favorite dream
c) Run around the island naked enjoying your new found freedom

Question 2: If you had to choose between 3 kind of men, which would you choose?
a) Sunshine boy, tall, dark and handsome
b) The artistic kind, fluid in language and eloquent in speech and mannerism
c) The passionate, beastly kind where instincts rule over logic

Question 3: If you were to meet batman, what would you say to him?
a) Oh gosh, how handsome you are!
b) Thou would like to be thy catwoman.
c) Let your body do the talking.

If most of your answers are A, you are perfectly normal, always conforming to peer and social pressure.
If most of your answers are B, you are my kind, and most likely you are a pieces, however you spell it, you know, the double fish one.
If most of your answers are C, you are one hell of a sexy lady but maybe too wild for me.
If you never try answering, then you are a very logical woman and must be my good friend to have the patience to finish this post, thank you very much.

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