Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The reason why I'm writing all these posts now is because of one major reason, I can't fall asleep. Yes I'm tired, but I drank too many coffee these days, because I've nothing better to do, and I don't like to drink plain water, which doesn't mean I don't like plain girls, in fact maybe plain girls are my cup of tea, I'm not one for surprises, all I want is stability and peace, all I want is someone to be there for me, all I want is a nice fragrant body to smell when things around you get stinky, all I want is a sweet voice to immerse in, when all around you is just pure white noise!

Question, why is white noise called white noise and not dark noise?
Why is dark horse called dark horse and not bright horse?

I am so damn inqusitive but as we always say, there are no silly questions even though we don't think that way...

See, what hypocrites we all are....

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