Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random questions

When objects move near the speed of light, their mass gets smaller. Perhaps maybe it is the spacetime that gets distorted. If we view our world spacetime as a 2d flat world, then when an object moves extremely fast near the speed of light, this space time gets distorted, warped up and sort of like crumples up, and therefore, when we view it from a 2d plane, it looks smaller. haha, just a thought.

And I was wondering, yes I always wonder, perhaps I have nothing better to do, I was wondering why speed of light is the speed limit of all things in the world???

I was also wondering, they say when you travel as fast as the speed of light, then you will never age, and when you travel faster than the speed of light, you could go back into the past or into the future. Ok, so let's say I travel faster than the speed of light, but which direction will lead me to the past and which to the future???? Where is the direction of time???

Richard Feynmann was quite against a unifying theory for he believes that scientists shouldn't jump to the conclusion that there is such a unifying theory. He says we shouldn't near nature what to do... He believes that there might be the possibility that there might not be a unifying theory after all. And he thinks the nobel and honours don't really matter, what really matters is you have fun and enjoy the pleasure of finding things out. That I really do believe too.

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