Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Dear Elaine,

I've something to confessed, something I should have done years ago but didn't have the courage to do it till now.

I'm terribly sorry, terribly sorry for all the things I've did, all the words I've said. I never once meant those hurtful words, that suddenly took on a life of their own and just propel right out of my mouth. That's not to say I'm not to blame, I should really have more control over my emotions so as to save my loved ones from hurtful words hurled in the wrath of anger. I hope down deep in the bottom of your heart, you know that I never meant a single one of the words I spoke. You and I were just not meant to be. Yes, I believe in fate and destiny, we should always flow with destiny and not fight hard against it. It's just like a powerful current in the river of life, no matter how strong you are, it's impossible to swim against the current. We have to know our own limits, we have to go with the flow of life and the flow of life apparently orients me to be more homosexually inclined ...

Yours always,

I always had a fetish for reading letters, and the above letter was just a pure figment of my imagination, although I have to say, I'm terribly uncreative, the only twist I could think of was the sexual orientation. I didn't start off knowing what I wanted to write, it's like constructing a story line by line, after one life, then we see what's goes next, sort of like the games we played in orientation camps, where somebody starts off with one line, and the next one make up another one etc..... I digress.

Anyway, letters have such a personal touch, it seems like you're looking through the eyes of the person reading the letter and feeling with him/her at the same time, that is so cool... (Shit, I sound like a teenager myself, with the so cool, so lame slang..., it's high time I grow up.)

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