Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ok, it's over, my love affair with physics, with the grand unified theory, the so called theory of everything is over. That's what I always do, I'm unfaithful, fickle-minded as some people say. When I was a kid, I loved mathematics, not really, I just like having puzzles to solve. When I was older, I then fell in love with philosophy, who at this present moment looks like a boring old man to me now, not that all old man are boring. Then, it was literature or so I thought, but the classics also bore the hell outta me, I mean seriously, who can understand shakespeare with his thou, art, thy hell? Why can't he just speak normal? Of course, I'm an ignorant fool but what the heck, I just want something easier to read, you know, just reading for the pleasure of reading. Oh, and I hate descriptive parts in novel, especially right at the start of the book! Come on, just get on with the story, I believe our imaginations would do that part, you know, giving faces to the characters. Is it the curse of the modern era that we want action right from the start till end? I'm never one for the beauty of words anyway, so just tell me a story short, sweet and simple. That's hopefully what I would do when I write a story.

The little prince came upon this planet and he saw a drunkard on it. On his table were many many empty beer bottles and many many filled ones as well. His face was flushed and he simply couldn't stop drinking.

"Why are you drinking?"

"To forget."

"Forget what?"

"Forget that I'm ashamed."

"Ashamed of what?"

"Ashamed of drinking!"

And with that, he carried on drinking...

How very weird grown-ups are, thought the little prince, I hope I never grow up to be like them.

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