Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Frequency of resonance

"To follow takes as much strength as to lead."

This was a quote taken from the movie, "take the lead." Now seriously, I don't really know what it means, but somehow, it just makes sense ya know? haha, this movie's about ballroom dancing by the way...

Anyway, the readership of this blog is pathethic, it's just 5 on average per day, duh... shows my popularity huh... But, I've never ever been popular anyway, Hmm... actually maybe I was quite popular with the ladies when I was a kid, but the older I get, the more detestable I got... I wonder why...

And recently, I've been watching the chinese lecture series, Yu Dan talking about the ideals of a very prominent chinese philosopher, "Zhuang Zi".

"Sometimes I wonder whether I'm a man dreaming I'm a butterfly or I'm a butterfly dreaming I'm a man." That was the very famous quote from Zhuang Zi. He's really amazing, his insights are incredible, I seriously am in awe of him.

He talks about the way of life, that the way of life is not something you can think of, for once you think of it, you'll not know what it is. It's like drinking water, once you think of how actually to drink the water, you'll choke or soemthing like that.. Hmm.. kinda of a bad analogy... But ya, somethings just can't be thought of, they are rather instinctive, it's in you, in your heart, so it's not to be thought of...

One of my very own favorite analogies is the resonant frequency one. In this world, every single thing has a resonant frequency, that is the frequency that makes the object tick. Every note sounds that particular way because that is its resonant frequency. Moisten your fingers and twirl it around the edges of a wineglass and you'll hear the glass singing in tune with its natural resonant frequency. So yes, when you are doing the thing you love, that is your natural resonant frequency. You'll forget about yourself, you know, like in sports we have the term "in the zone". It's like you are so focused, so concentrated on that present moment that you take no notice of all the unimportant things aroud you except the thing you are doing, and after that, when you try to recall, you have no idea why you did it or how you did it, you just know you did it and the feeling was so terribly incredible man!

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