Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Oh, and in the movie, "take the lead", there's this cool guy that likes a fat girl, but because everyone thinks fat is bad,
he doesn't dare to like,
which is so damn bad,
and I'm so damn sad,
and I told my dad,
and he got so darn mad...

Haha, maybe I could make it as a rapper... nah... my thounge is thoo thhick...

In the teenage text book, there's this act cool guy Sean who speaks his s as th... so sissy song sounds like thithy thong.... Haha, do try saying out loud...

Anyway, I was saying, ya, it's so easy to say let's not care what others think, it's what you think that matters but how many of us really are able to do it. I for one can't. I'm a vainpot. Saying and doing are really 2 different things man!

We know, but we do not.
It snows, but it's still hot,
We see, but we hear not,
We touch, but we feel not,
I deny, but I'm a vainpot!

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