Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Unrequited Love

Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they just can't love you back in the same way. It almost seems a law of nature that the one you want never wants you back while the ones who want you are not those who you want.

"Follow love and it will flee,
Flee love and it will follow thee."

We're all part of the big cosmic joke, maybe we are not supposed to be happy. Love forever looms on the horizon, like the rainbow, beautiful to look at but just always out of reach. Is love merely a hallucination conjured up by our thirst for a meaning in life?

If I were the creator, I wouldn't have created such a mutually dependent system. I would've edited the source code of this world so that we will be born complete and all we need are ourselves. We have sex with ourselves, we deliver our own babies, in other words, just a world where every man is an island. (Hmmm... Perhaps I would reconsider the sex part. After all, it is god's gift to us, we should learn to reciprocate sometimes ...)

The Beatles once asked, where do all the lonely people in the world come from?

I say, there are 2 kinds of lonely people. The loneliest and the lonely. The loneliest are those who choose to be with someone who can't love you back the way you love him/her, that is way way ever lonelier than being alone. The lonely people are simply those who are alone. (Fortunately, I belong to the lesser of 2 evils)

“Some people are settling down, some people are settling for second best and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.” Carrie from Sex and The City

'Butterflies' refers to the feeling in your stomach when you are nervous and hopeful all at once. My advice, if you don't want to be relegated to the group of loneliest, never settle for anything less than butterflies. So people, friends, if you are lonely, like me, count your blessings, at least we are not as lonely as the loneliest.

Loneliness is indeed the modern man's disease. (Don't worry, I'm not going to start a GP essay) It is the biggest pain one can ever experienced. Luckily, we have painkillers to get us through – friends, and families.

Sometimes, all we lonely people need to know is that we are not alone in this world.

BEATLES lyrics


ah boon said...

'The loneliest are those who choose to be with someone who can't love you back the way you love him/her'

this is so nicely phrase but in this practical world, either you gain or u lose. There will nv be a person who will be able to love you back the same amount coz we show our care and love differently and the other may not deem it as love. So to the other person, it will nv be a fair r/s as they wilk think the other is not lovign him/her enough.

I would like to see a blog on... Guys who are not a player yet they act like one. Should I call them, a swinger? a fisher?

Kay said...

I agree with ah boon... Love just can't be measured therefore u have to accept that normally in a relationship, u can see a "lover" and a "lovee" (self-invented terms).

If their roles exchange for time to time, balance would be established and the relationship would probably last... However if the roles stayed constant throughout the relationship, it is often painful for one, or even both pple...

As mentioned in my previous comment about honesty, if u are serious not looking for love and a nice person (who is looking for love) comes along... DO NOT lead that person on... DO let the person down as gently as you can.

Let him/her know your plan (to stay single) and always keep the option of becoming friends open to them... You'll never know when your heart will be receptive to love and you definitely dun wanna close and lock the door and then throw away the key to the (one? maybe) chance of true love...

Kay said...

On another note...

Sex is a lovely thing... I dun think I ever wanna see a world of earthworms (they being asexual and all)...

Ewww.... Gross...

SNAG said...

Haha, why swinger or fisher? They don't really fish since they only act to fish? But your wish will be granted, ah boon.

And yea, you're right, in the real world there is only a "lover" and a "lovee" as kay put it, that's why the world is so full of lonely people, so i guess the best bet is really to be with someone who loves you more than you love him/her. Hehe

ah boon said...

best bet to be with the person who loves you more than you love him/her. That's so.....selfish or abit impossible?

Generally, people can be categorised as givers and takers so just need to match one giver and one taker together. hahaas!

I do not know what's the term for those who are not player yet they act like one. They just keep looking around though they so much wanted to settle down. These are usually those of a better calibre in terms of brains and material wise.

Fisher are those who put his bait on different girls, showing more concern to the bigger 'fish' and still throwing worms at the smaller 'fishes'. Thats what I call fisher.. :P

SNAG said...

'best bet to be with the person who loves you more than you love him/her. That's so.....selfish or abit impossible?'

Yes, it is selfish to be with the person who loves you more than you love him/her. But as you said, there will most probably never be a person whose love for you = your love for him/her, so that means most couples are made of givers and takers so what exactly do you mean by impossible?

Haha, now i see what you mean by fisher, nice analogy.