Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I'm Still Single

Some people don't believe I'm single,
Some believe I must have contracted some secret illness or something,
Some believe I'm gay,
Some believe I'm Spidey and they themselves Mary Jane and that I chose not to be with them because I fear for their safety...

And the list goes on and on.

So, I've decided to dispel all these myths once and for all.

No, I'm not Spidey. 'With great powers comes great responsibilites', I so damn wished I were, but I'm not. (I adore Kirsten Dunst but somehow I just can't spell her name)

Why I'm still single.
  • Women are known to be the world's most powerful money-reducing agent. I've no money and I don't want to be poorer than poor, I still harbour ambitions to run my own business therefore I simply can't afford women.
  • Women are time-sucking vampires. I'm still studying and the workload is hell, and I love to read and watch movies and play soccer and watch soccer so suck any more time from me and I will be drained of my life. For life is made up of time and minutes. Take away my minutes and you take away my life.
  • Some women boil at nothing, and freeze without reason. It's amazing how they can survive such rapid expansion and contraction, even the toughest of rocks couldn't stand it.

Most Importantly, I haven't met THE ONE AND ONLY ONE.

Perhaps if I did,
I wouldn't care if she reduced all my wealth,
I wouldn't care if she sucked the living life out of me (metaphorically ;p),
I wouldn't care if she boils at nothing or freezes without reason,
For love is without reason.

I guess that explains why we are so unreasonable sometimes,
we are simply being in love.


ah boon said...

hahaas!!! but do you know what type of lady are you looking for? feelings cannot be forever, so dun give me that 'once i hav the special feeling for someone' as a reason! keke...

you are contended with your current life and has no intention of creating a wave on your smooth life.... isnt it the case? heez

Sui Generis said...

Hmm.. what type of gal am i looking for? One that has chemistry with me, one that we can feel comfortable together without talking, haha, and without doing any other thing.

And yes, i'm contented with my present life but I do get lonely sometimes. Haha, for instance on V day or Christmas Eve or late at night, luckily, i tend to sleep early.

And if I'm not deceving myself, (One can never noe whether one is deceiving oneself bcos one mite be deceiving onself tat one is not deceving oneself, haha), if THE ONE comes along, I wouldn't mind going roller-coasting on a SIN wave.