Monday, August 6, 2007

Why non-players pose as players?

Let's look at it another way, what if the player posers aren't actually posing as players but merely misunderstood by women?

Perhaps women view flirts=players but they aren't exactly identical.

What if the guy is merely flirting just because it's fun? We all have to admit a little flirting is fun. Most people could do with a little extra attention in their lives. It makes your day less dreary, it doesn't have to be about sex. It is a way to take life less seriously. It keeps things light and makes the date seem less like an interview for a suitable reproductive candidate to aid in the passing on of your genes.

One shouldn't even be flirting at all, you might say. But seriously, or not so seriously, what bad would a little flirting do?

If the intention of flirting is merely just for the fun of it, to brighten up each other's day with a little sunshine, then it's definitely healthy so why not?

Perhaps the guy is merely flirting for fun to make his mundane life a little less boring. Or perhaps that is the only way he knows how to interact with girls? Remember the young little disgusting boys who used to pull your hair, make fun of you, tease you? It's not because they dislike or resent you, it's the only way they know to capture your attention.

Ok, let's presume the guys really are acting like players then. Why so?

Players are well-respected by guys, in a way. They are portrayed as having the charm and ability to 'win' beautiful trophies, beautiful girls. Yes, girls are sort of viewed like trophies. The prettier the girl, the more respect the guy wins. Yes yes, most guys are stained with vanity.

Guys act like players because they desire respect, and perhaps underneath the 'playful' mask lies a lack of self-esteem that has to be earned by trying to gain the acknowledgement of others.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So which one are you?

Sui Generis said...

Haha, I'm often misunderstood ...

Kay said...

Yes... Misunderstood this author certainly is... All because he wanna be mysterious... And that makes him a little hard to get close to... This is my personal views... (I have no hidden agenda... But you're still on my burn list...)

Sui Generis said...

Haha, We're not primarily put on this earth to see thru 1 another but 2 c one another thru

Anonymous said...

If both parties r aware tat they r both flirting then it's probably healthy and fine. But if it's a 1-sided game then e outcome could be disasterous. So I guess it's not tat rite after all!

ah boon said...

'One shouldn't even be flirting at all, you might say. But seriously, or not so seriously, what bad would a little flirting do?'

A littel flirting is fun in our busy life.. BUT the extent of flirting, who can define that this amount of flirting is acceptable by A ger and not B ger?

So when the degree of flirting is not acceptable by individual, it is seems like playing the ger... and therefore, he seems to be a player.

I knew a guy who kept insisting that he wanted so much to be attached, to find a true love blah blah blah. But when he is with me n my friend, he is just playing with us. Not to the extent of sex but the way he speaks, acts are exactly the same as what a player will do to hook the ger.

He is full of aarogance and to say he has low self esteem... maybe, maybe not... so how do one knows whether this guy is serious with which ger? or only he will know the ans?

Sui Generis said...

Hmmm... Perhaps he's an attention junkie, meaning to say he likes to make lots of people like him so he can like himself better, which is perhaps due to low self esteem (not liking himself enough). And the fact that he is arrogant may also mean he doesn't feel secure enough and has to put on an arrogant display of superiority over others to secure his insecurity.

I'm not too sure abt this but i guess low self-esteem doesn't necessarily points to the shy or introverted, it just means one does not like onself enough and may resort to external displays, to gain the respect or liking of others so that one can like oneself better.

Anonymous said...

Great.. thx to whoever I cant use the name Sui Generis.. So I have to be Anonymous then..

Flirting.. isnt it just one of the many types of 'languages' invented by man to suit the situation? How exactly do you define how to chat with a gal? A little lighthearted comment about each other's physical feature(e.g. hair, complexion, dress sense) would just ease the tension in a quiet and tense situation isnt it? Silence is deafening at times you know?

How bout asking it this way? Can you be serious and fun at the same time?

Anyway, I guess this blogger is often 'misunderstood' as his looks or body stands out too much among the Crowd. Just a Guess..

Nysa said...

Good for people to know.