Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks to I., Ive been invited to write on his blog, which is a real honour.

A lot of people in this world have been misled to think that if they cannot do without someone, then that is love. That love is when the other person makes you feel complete. I think we can only love someone else if we love ourselves enough, if we are emotionally strong and independent.

3 relationships past, I still believe in love. Its never a tool to make ourselves feel better, nor a scapegoat, let alone just to kill time! Love is a far bigger word, and a feeling that cannot be described. I think education has destroyed us, we question what love is, we think too much. Love is simple. Its not supposed to be complicated. You will know it when you love someone, and if you really do, it doesnt matter what the definition is.

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Sui Generis said...

What you said about loving oneself before loving others is very true. Very often we pin our hopes on our other halves hoping them to plug in the missing pieces in our lives, placing our whole happiness on to their shoulders. That, is a WHOLe lot of responsibility man! To bear the burden of another's happiness.

And it's true, Love should be felt, not thought, WE Love therefore we are, it is what makes us human.

Your courage is commendable as well as your strong belief in love. I hereby knight you the guardian/protector of love. But seriously, it takes lots of courage to still believe in love after you've fallen out of it.