Monday, July 30, 2007

How to identify a player?

Player: An Actor. EG. All the world's a stage and the men and women merely players. Shakespeare.

Tongues: An alien language as well as an instrument for licking.

According to Sir William Shakespeare (whom thee hates to the core for torturing me with his 'tongues'), all men and women are players. For just this once, he earned my consensus.

In ancient times, people often have the misconception that the world is flat. It is no different now. Women often have the misconception that a player = a guy. In truth, players = guys/gals who are non-practitioners of monogamy and have a tendency towards promiscuity.

As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. If you are a player (gal), you would know a player (guy), so congrats, you are born with the innate gift to spot players. If you are not, please read on.
  1. A true player will never show his cards. My point being, ANYONE could be a player, TRUST NO ONE!
  2. A player keeps his love/dating profile low, if he practices the tactic of divergence when questioned, be suspicious.
  3. Most players drive, you gotta be rich to play.
  4. Birds of the same feather flock together, observe his group of friends closely.
  5. Plant spies around him. Networking is very important, socialize with his friends, more importantly, his friends' girlfriends. Give one another mutual support. Test his friends out subtly about his past and see if the facts are congruent.
  6. Trust your best friends' intuition. Love is blind, so are you.
  7. Find some way to get your hands on his phone and check his inbox and outbox for flirty SMSes other than yours.
  8. Only resort to this if all else fails. Use your friend as bait to fish him out. Point of caution: If your friend is real real hot stuff, you might have converted a non-player to a player.

I can resist anything but temptation. Oscar Wilde

P.S Here's an idea ladies. Create a website and list all the players on the "most unwanted" list, but make VERY sure they are REAL players before crucifying them because unlike the one, they do not have the power to rise from the dead.


Kay said...

Personally, I dun find a need to play (mind) games with anyone unless they had the hidden agenda to play games with me...

Why complicates stuff? The thing with love is to trust blindly initially. Love hurts, they say. But if you fall, you hurt and thus, you know how to react. But if you nv fall, you'll never know when you're gonna fall or if you'll ever fall. Are you gonna keep guessing for the rest of your life?

Just keep ur words true and your agenda clean... I think honesty is the best policy... At least if you break someone's heart, they'll thank you for showing them the respect and honesty you gave them...

SNAG said...

Seriously, i think mind games are a neccessity of life. We might play it consciously or subconsciously. We even play it with ourselves, self-denial for example. Reason being we are basically emotional creatures thus by 'playing' with our emotions we can then 'motivate' or 'induce' certain reactions.