Sunday, July 29, 2007


“Can I get into trouble for something I haven't done?” asked the student.
“No,” replied the Headmaster.
“Good – I haven't done my homework.”

Lie: noun, an action in which one person deliberately sets out to mislead another.

1) A man lies to make himself look good, for example to win respect or sex appeal. Men love to lie about how wild they were when they were young.
2) Men lie to avoid arguments.

The good thing about men is we know our weaknesses, that we are not good liars or rather, women nowadays are too sharp so we come up with this strategy that as long as we don't lie to ourselves, the women wouldn't be able to detect the 'lies'.

A couples goes shopping and the woman tries on a bikini.

“Honey, what do you think of this bikini?”
I think the bikini doesn't cover enough of your saggy breasts.

Always tell the truth – and then run.

The man being too tired to run after countless hours of shopping then chooses the path of least collision. “Words fail me,” replied the man followed by his imitation of a most dashing George Clooney smile.

The woman thinks he is smiling at her wanton figure.
The guy is in fact smiling at his own ingenuity having managed to avoid a war.

It's an injustice the person who invented Email and SMS didn't win a Nobel. How many arguments have been avoided through the advent of email?

Word of advice to fellow guys. If possible, never try lying to a woman face to face, best to use SMS or Email. Women have a tremendous sixth sense, not the “I see dead people” sense but the “I smell fishy lies” sense.

A word of defense for the men. We lie to avoid wars and casualties (emotional). We lie because it is in our nature to make ourselves look good, you can't fault a lion hunting his prey for food, neither can you fault us for trying to make ourselves look good. The bottom line is, we're just being ourselves, we're just being men.


Kay said...

Yup... Knowing that your wife/gf can detect a lie and yet do it... That's beyond dumb...

I had mine lied to me that one time (dun worry, he's still doing it) but after I found out the reason behind the lie (which was really really dumb) I learnt never ever trust what he's saying...

See how great that went... Needless to say, lack of trust = relationship going downhill...

So men, let me ask you, why do you ever try to lie? For your pride? Let's just see how you guys try to make out with your own pride...

ah boon said...

to gers... lying is the last thing they hope to hear from their beloved, esp bf. no matther whether it is a white lie or watever reason u guys have. And DUN try to use SMs or email to explain things coz gers wont like to see a text and prefers to talk over a dinner.text are juz words with no feelings attached and to gers, it means no 'remorse' or apologies from the guys.