Friday, July 27, 2007


I've always wondered why 'Going Dutch' is called 'Going Dutch', is it the practice of all Dutch people? If it's so, how I long to be one! If I were Dutch, I could be a Bill Gates by now with all the money saved!

I was asked by a journalist-to-be once, “Do you think men should always foot the bill or is it best to go dutch?” My innocent rational reply was, “Well, it depends on who's more financially able,” while my geeky friend suddenly turned all knightly and gallantly replied that men should always bear the costs. It was at this point in time that I became one with Alice and understood how she must have felt in Wonderland when she drank the shrinking potion.

In my defense, I wasn't thinking at that time. It was the rational me speaking. Remember, there are always 2 sides to a story, 2 sides on a coin and 2 sides to a person. My emotional side was taking a nap when I was waylaid by this question. Come to think of it ladies, it really is a good litmus test of how much the guy is fond of his date. Speaking from experience, though I don't fall in love easily (which doesn't necessarily mean less experience as Father Hemmingway once said 'sometimes, LESS IS MORE!'), I would willingly pay all expenses for my beautiful damsel. So assuming my damsel is not a witch with a PHD in engineering love potion, I believe that if the guy truly likes the lady, he would willingly bear all costs without grudges, even his virginity.

However ladies, some guys are really not rich, so if you don't want your muscular hunks to go on 'diet' eating pathetic cup noodles so they could date you, do offer to pick up the tab once in a while.

I'm definitely not a believer of going dutch, for if we were to split things up so evenly, then that defeats the entire purpose of being together. We might as well split up and walk our separate paths. Besides, if a couple orders shared food like Fish N Co's 'Seafood Platter', most girls would be at a disadvantage if they go dutch. Seeing that practically no one brings calculators to dates, it's just fair to assume the one who ate the lion's share of food foot the bill. Besides, all these years in the history of mankind, it's always the men who brings home the food, why should now be any different?

Note: I'd suggest banana splits for practioners of 'Going Dutch', it's easier to do a 'split'. Perhaps banana splits ought to be known as a 'breakup food' to facilitate easier breakups.

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ah boon said...

are you refering to attached people or those date whereby a guy n a ger went out to learn more about each other? If it is the latter, I guess the guy has to foot the bill. Why bother to date a ger if u are not prepared to pay?

If it is those who are attached or serious dates after knowing each other well, I think guys shld still pay for the meal. And the gers should perhaps initiate to pay back after they left the restaurant or treat drinks? It doesn't look great on the guy if the ger foots the bill, i tried b4 and i still like to see the guy in front of me paying. smiles

But well.. If the guy is a player, all the more he shld pay!