Sunday, July 29, 2007

What turns men on?

Men prefer looks to brains because most men can see better than they can think.
Germaine Greer

1) Long hair is a must.

2) Large adorable eyes. Perhaps you can try putting on some make-up to enhance the size of your eyes or you could use those 'make your pupils larger' contact lenses.

3) The most common misconception women have, beauty=thin. In actual fact, men prefer plump to thin, Jennifer Lopez to Keira Knightly. So it's really ok to indulge in your best male friends, Ben and Jerry once in a while.

4) Too much of anything is no good. Too much make-up makes you look like a geisha or those traditional operea chinese singers which seriously, isn't too appealing to men. So ladies, sure you can put on make up, but do make it natural-looking .

5) Cute-looking girls. Cute as in babyish looking. So better cash in while you are still babyish. Defy your parents, go “pa to” when you are young, that way, you stand a better chance of catching a better man. If not, prepare to hustle and bustle with other spinsters for the "cheap" leftovers sold at discounted prices.

6) Why do men have difficulty making eye contact? Breasts don't have eyes.
Need I say more?

Disclaimer: The above views are those of my own. The reader has the discretion to determine in what manner she wishes to comply with the above recommendations. I shall not be liable for any false hopes, dateless nights that may arise from its use.

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