Saturday, July 28, 2007

Do you love someone because she is beautiful or is she beautiful because you love her?

I love someone because she is beautiful and she is even more beautiful because I love her. Both 'beautiful' have little essence of the physical side but more on beauty as a whole, beauty as a person. In order to like someone, you have to find her beautiful. Now now, don't go all superficial. The beauty I'm referring to doesn't mean physical beauty only, for me to define 'beauty' in words is to undermine the beauty of beauty. How do you explain to your loved one why you like him or her? In the mandarin version of Fifty First Dates, Louis Khoo was asked that question and so he thought about it for an entire day before finally realizing that you don't need a reason to like someone, you like her simply because you like her. You find her beautiful because you find her beautiful.

SPG(Single Picky Girl) Janice once said she would love to hear a man say to her, “You make me want to be a better man,” just like some actor whose name unfortunately escapes my tiny brain at this point of time in the movie “As Good As It Gets”. Similarly, I would SO love to hear my girl utter the words, “You make me want to be a better woman.”

Just Kidding! It's so GU NIANG (sissy)! Perhaps I'm an MCP but it just sounds weird...

I guess women's main concern is whether her man likes her for her looks only or likes her for just being her. The curse of the beautiful, life is fair after all.

When it comes to guys, love is a procession of stages. The preliminary stage functions to filter out unsuitable candidates, basic criteria to look out for: LOOKS! We are not looking out for extreme beauties mind you, just someone pleasant looking which is of course subjective to every guy. In fact, my dream girl or girls wouldn't be the super models nor the so called 'Chio Bus', just some sweet and pleasant girl next door. It's just like I would prefer the Kopitiam Breakfast set of "Loti", eggs and "Kopi" then a plate of shark fins for breakfast everyday. Shark fins are nice for occasional treats but they are too 'rich' too 'intense' to be eaten everyday. The 'Loti', eggs and 'Kopi' are the true simple pleasures of life that I will never grow sick of. The same goes for my taste of ladies.

If you fail the first audition, don't be discouraged, if the guy is any worth your liking at all, he would spare you a 2nd chance based on the 'feel' or 'chemistry' between the 2 of you. If his 'feel' for you is strong enough to make him want to be a better man and overcome his emphasis on physical beauty, then congratulations, it's time to dish out Robbie William's “Better Man”.

"Send someone to love me,
I need to rest in arms ... "

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