Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mind vs Heart

Let's not talk about seriousness, cars and all those dreary stuff... It's all getting a little too serious...

In one of my very older posts, I stated the very criterias needed to be the woman of my dreams. But I seriously believe it doesn't work this way. Why? Because once again, love is really unreasonable, illogical. It's all about passion and emotions, it cannot be calculated or measured, and that is why it's of no use thinking about what one's dream partner is. Because when it comes to the crunch, you find yourself falling in love with someone who you never thought you would ever like. Why? Again because before you fell in love, you used your head, the dream partner you calculated up, measured up, was constructed using the mechanics of all your rational brain logic. However, love isn't manufactured up there, it comes from deep down, a place alien to logic, alien to whatever sort of rationalism.

And that is why, we feel confused. How can we fall in love with someone like this!? Because it's our brain, our mind talking. We refuse to believe our hearts. Because our hearts are located deeper down, it's much more difficult to hear their cries.

And that is also why when we use our hearts to love someone, we no longer care about his faults, his bad habits, whatever things you dislike about him because you like him, because you listen more to your heart than your head. Love only emerges when the heart is strong enough to surpress the mind.

So people, don't be confused. The mind and the heart are always at loggerheads. And do not worry, if a person truly likes you with his heart, he doesn't really mind all your bad habits, all your weaknesses because he will always listen to his heart, more than he will listen to his head.

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