Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I see people everyday, I talk with people everyday and the more I see, the more I talk, the more I feel the emptiness in each and every one of us.

Everyone is so hungry for power, respect, status and most of all, money. Gals want cars, Guccis, to be pretty and beautiful like the stars in the hollywood movies. Guys strive to succeed in the coporate world, because it is what most of us think a successful life should be. To me, everything is so pointless. Is this really what we want? If it is really so, how superficial we are all. What is the point of it all, what is the meaning of it all, just like Alfie's last line in Alfie.

In the eyes of these people, I'm simply a lost sheep, similarly, in my eyes, they are lost sheeps too. I guess we all are sheeps, and we all are lost and as you can clearly see, the most lost of all is me.


Anonymous said...

I think the key is to know what it is that you want. When we say something is meaningless, we must be subconsciously thinking of an alternative that is much more meaningful. And what might that be for you?

Win Min

ah boon said...

hmm... what's the purpose of living in this world for u, my fren? U had generalised gers and guys for their ambitious and eogisitic dreams.

Everyone has our own dreams and future. It depends on individual whether it is pointless or not. (:

Sui Generis said...

Haha, the purpose for living in this world?! So cheeem. It's kinda personal so I'm not gonna announce it here.

And anyway, I'm going thru a lean dry spell so everything I say may not make any sense...