Thursday, November 22, 2007

The strength of the dark force

It's snowing...

Have you ever counted the number of sad songs to happy songs? If you haven't realised by now, the sad ones far outnumber the happy ones, and I guess that is the way how it goes in life too.

When listening to a song or music, which gets to you more? Which touches your heart more? My guess are the sad ones too, for I feel that sadness has a far greater intensity than happiness. That is, the intensity of pain is far far greater than the intensity of elatedness. We feel much more when we are in pain than when we're happy. Some of us became addicted to this because we became addicted to feeling. And perhaps it is feeling such strong intensity of feelings that make us feel alive so even though we are suffering so much, we enjoy the suffering too for it makes us feel. And that is what I call a true blue sadist.

Yes, I'm a sadist, a bloody one, so if you are affected in anyway negatively, please stop reading for I do not want to introduce any more additional sadness into this sadistic world but if you are looking to add on to your collection of pain so that you can feel more, please keep on reading for I believe my wallowing will go on for a long long time. Sadness is eternal... Happiness is merely an illusion, because according to dear old MR Newton, what goes up must come down, what is happy will eventually be sadder. That is the law of gravity, and there is NO NO exception.

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