Friday, November 2, 2007

Guardians of Love

I have several friends who are perfectionists, who have very high expectations but they do not think their expectations are high at all, that should the way it should be, they say, and rightly, they are too.

Today's post is to salute these friends, for their undying steadfast beliefs in their values. Yes, no doubt one would feel morally inferior among these friends but that is precisely because one is indeed morally inferior. They believe that true love, unconditional love, isn't about playing games, they believe that one should give of oneself unconditionally, they believe in all that what love should really be, they are the guardians of true love and yet so often, they are the ones who are hurt the most.

I salute them. It takes plenty plenty infinite amount of courage to be able practise their beliefs. And that is why I am so certain as most people are too that the world is definitely not fair! Why should these guardians of true love suffer? It's like watching the good guys in the movies die, what fairness is this? So Cupid or whatever god there is that is in charge of the division in the department of love, defend your true believers, for they are the ones that make the world so beautiful! Never ever let the hearts of your guardians bleed again for the corrupted souls in these world.

And to the maker of this world, I believe now is the time to flush out the 'baddies', to reset the world with only these beautiful guardians so that we may no longer know what it means to be sad or heartbroken.


Anonymous said...

oh yes

Anonymous said...

'they are the ones who are hurt the most'

it is true. And it will makes people numb. And there u lost one 'guardian angel'.

so, time to play