Monday, October 29, 2007

Simple Maths

Some people believe in the one, in destiny, that there is only one person out there for us, tailored specially for us.

I have no comments for that. I think there isn't much point thinking about such things or having such beliefs. But I do know something, that it is very very hard to find a person to like and have that someone like you back. Simply because of the mathematics!

Rough statistics say around 100 people you see, you may like 5. So that gives you a 5% chance of liking that someone everytime you meet a person. Then the probability of liking a person and having that person like you back is 5% x 5%, which gives, 0.25%. So you see, whenever you find your love not reciprocated, it should be very much expected, it is simple mathematics, it is how this world works, so don't be sad, it is just the way of life.

So people, if you ever find a perfect match, cherish it! It doesn't happen very often.

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