Monday, October 29, 2007

Playing games

When we were young, we played with toys. As we grow older, we run out of toys to play with, so we play with feelings and emotions instead.

Some people are very against the notion of playing games to get love, they say this is not true love, true love shouldn't be so.

I think as all things in this world are, we should practise everything in moderation. Sometimes, even true love needs a little spicing up by playing games to keep the flame going.

And as all things in this world are, too much of everything is no no good. It simply shows that one is more in love with oneself than one's partner.


ah boon said...

hmm..... if playing with feelings helps the other to feel special, why not?

nth is perfect in this world and we gota face it... onli u love urself the most and others can be supplement pills to u in ur life.

good luck for ur exam n i miss ur blog updates!

Sui Generis said...

Haha, thks. Gd luck 4 ur exams 2...