Saturday, December 1, 2007

Is love selfish?

Perhaps the reason we love is due to an innate need to be needed by someone, to be in total charge for her happiness.

Perhaps this renders meaning to our meaningless lives, because we are needed by someone, our lives became meaningful, we are no longer living solely for ourselves.

To make her smile, to make her laugh, to make her happy would bring you more joy than anything in this world.

To see her sad, to see her cry, to see her tears would bring you more sorrow than any pain in this world.

Selfish? Maybe, because you make her happy because it makes you happy. It is selfishness in a weird sort of way, and again, when it comes to love, everything, anything, is illogical.


Anonymous said...

love is selfish..this is true..but i guess true love is hard to find cos people nowadays are very realistic..someone who treats the other well does not necessarily mean he/she loves the other..we can never know how the other party is thinking...if only life is as simple as in movies...

ziedrich said...

fyk was here! cheers!

Sui Generis said...

To anonymous,

What you said was very true. It's tiring, super exhausting, to be faced with uncertainty all the time, not knowing what the other is thinking. So, I've written a post in response to this, the latest post after this.

Haha, some might say it's just plain talk and super idealistic, but what can i say? ;p, nothing I guess, anyway, you'll have to read it to know what I'm mumbling about.