Friday, September 28, 2007

Lust or Love?

Love is simply friendship, set on fire.

Lust is any intense desire or craving for self gratification.

To differentiate between the two, simple. Abstain from the forbidden fruit. Abstain from sex say for 3 months, no, longer, 6 months, to make sure. If after 6 months and you're still in 'love', then you must be in love.

Or, you could enjoy the forbidden fruit. Lust is like eating junk food, they are very very tasty and enjoyable no doubt, but they are hollowy hollow. That is, they don't fill you. They leave you craving for more and more. And the more you eat, the more you crave, much like drinking saltwater. The more you drink, the thirstier you become. Moral: When you're thirsty, don't drink saltwater. When you're horny, abstain from sex.

So, if you are still craving after 'eating', there you got it, it must be lust! Or, another explanation could be that you are just born lusty!

We all know what love is, but when we try to define it, words fail. Without definition, can it be real? But if it's not real, why are millions so lost without it? Is it merely a hallucination conjured up by our thirst for a meaning in life?


Kay said...

Life is short... Enjoy while you can... If you're thirsty, drink whatever you wanna drink... If you wanna have sex, by all means have safe sex... Just make sure your consented partner is NOT a minor and always use a condom... LOL

Anonymous said...

Yupz.. enjoy while u can ... just make sure that your enjoyment does not leads to the discomfort of the others..

Anonymous said...
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