Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fear of falling

If you’re in love, just fall in love, why think so much?!

I guess why we think so much is because falling in love means losing control, because falling in love means placing your happiness in another person’s hands, because falling in love means handing your heart out to another person and he/she has this power to crush it or to flower it with love.

And the fear is amplified nowadays because so many of us are just out there playing with this thing called love. Just because one can’t love oneself enough , he/she seeks this lack of love from others, seducing, flirting to make others fall in love with him/her. And so he/she thinks, “If there are so many other people like me, how bad can I be? I must be kinda good right?” And he/she sleeps better at night while his victims toss and turn, unable to get that fucking person outta their minds.

And that is why falling in love is so hard? Because after falling one too many times, we learn how to protect ourselves. We become more afraid of falling, of even trying. We shield ourselves, like a porcupine, keeping others at a distance.

(Talking to the players) Why do we have this need to hurt others so we can make ourselves feel better? That is so god damn selfish of us. The only excuse: I’m sure most of us didn’t do this consciously, it’s like we have this need to be liked and so we go about satisfying this basic need, much like if we’re hungry we eat to appease our hunger.

So people, if you’re hungry, please do not be a heartnivore and go heart-hunting, change your taste, be a vegetarian, find other sources or alternatives to appease this raging hunger in you so as to make the world a better place.


Song Queen~ said...

"And he/she sleeps better at night while his victims toss and turn, unable to get that fucking person outta their minds."

- I really liked this part which u wrote.. I myself have "fallen" victim 3 damn times..

To the extent i dunno whether to blame them or myself.. Who is in e right? Who is in the wrong? Or does it even matter who is right or wrong?

I think ur blog entries are cool~ There are so many darn players out there, they need to be educated..

Tks for putting in an effort to do so~

Anonymous said...

I note that when you address the players, you used 'we'. So are you one of them? If you are, how can you be lecturing them? If you are not, how can you speak for them?

confused said...

u made me confused... players try to get their bro into the girl's pants and BOO, mia. Isnt that the definition of a player?

BUT, the preparation by the player seems so real, the concern and just being there when needed. It is sooo much similar to a person who really likes her and chase after her. So, how to differentiate the players from those who really likes the girl?

So, it makes me protect myself more than ever after i met such players.

How to find a true love?

Sui Generis said...

Replying to song queen, if we were to perceive things objectively and from the outside, of course the players would be wrong.

And yes, I guess it really doesn't matter who is right or wrong, what difference does it make?

And you're welcome...

Sui Generis said...

To anonymous, I believe in everyone of us, there lies a desire, a need to be liked. It's always a constant battle between the need to be liked and our morality. (speaking in context of seducing the desired sex)

One common Eg can be seen in 'rebounds', people trying to heal their bruised egos at the expense of bruising other egos in the process...

But we are too engrossed in our own world, our own needs that we choose
not to reflect on what we are doing.

But the thing is, this thing could happen to any of us one day, we ourselves might be 'players' one day, so I do not separate the world into players and non-players. I think as common fellow beings, we ought to feel and try to understand why we do certain things rather than judge. Of course, I understand it's rather hard to put feeling asides when we have been hurt, I understand it hurts, but then again I don't... How do I understand how much it hurts... how hard it is... because I ain't you.. But I try to, and that is the best i can do...

Sui Generis said...

I believe ultimately we'll be able to differentiate, just that sometimes we don't listen to ourselves, perhaps because of our need for love or we just like the person too much etc...

So perhaps you could distance yourself away from the person.. Be alone, find peace, and truly ask yourself...

another way you could tell your best friend everything, she'll most probably be able to tell... She'll know.. Because when you really listen to someone who talks to you about a problem, you really can hear how he/she is feeling and that he/she knows but just whether they can face up to it... really listen.. So when your best fren tells you, believe her..

I believe to find true love, dun seek for it. The more you seek it, the more it evades you.

Sui Generis said...

The previous comment was in response to confused

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
My name is Tom, Im 38 yrs old, living in Fort Worth, TX.

I'd love to make good close friends here.

Look forward to 'meeting' you all.