Saturday, September 1, 2007

Do nice guys really finish last?

Imagine you are shopping, you see a big sales signboard ahead, "80% off!". You sprint to the shop with the speed of a cheetah and you find, on the shelves, a bunch of nice guys, piled with dust, screaming out to be taken. You skimmed through them, hoping to find one that would appeal to you. You look through once, you look through twice. Sad to say, you cannot find even a single reason to convince yourself to buy any of them.

Nice guys = Boring guys. I'm sorry but it's true, or so I think from a girl's point of view. But I'm not a woman so fear not nice guys, there is still hope.

But what actually is a nice guy?

Perhaps when girls say a guy is too nice, what they mean is that the guy is too gentlemanly, too chivaralous, too considerate, too ... (every good attritibute that you can list out). Bottomline: Too predictable.

Deep down, I believe we all like to be surprised. We want thrill, we love passion. We want the naked rawness. Being nice, being polite seems only a facade, because deep down within everyone of us boils a larvae of passion.

Therefore, being nice is simply being a hypocrite. Concealing your deep passions just to market yourself more likable, or so you think.

We actually like people just to be themselves. We actually wish to see a glimpse of their dark side. Because only when we see your dark side do we then believe you are normal, or being real to us. When someone is too nice, it also makes us feel bad about ourselves upon comparison and that is one reason why nice guys fail too. Because the whole point of two people getting together is to make each other feel better.

When people are just being themselves, then can we be comfortable with each other. I believe being nice is in fact a form of barrier to deeper human communications, what do you think?


ah boon said...

Nice guys = boring guys?! I do not really agree. Being nice can be in different forms and when I said that he is nice, meaning he is someone you can live a simple life with.

He is nice. He can understand what a lady is thinking, he will know when to leave u alone when u want to be. A nice guy will not hurt a lady in any way.

When a lady says a guy is nice, it is more than being superficial. If a lady says a guy is too nice, meaning he is nice to everyone and doesnt gives a sense of security.

Sui Generis said...

Haha, so what kinda guys do you really like? IF I were to debate with you, we would then be debating on the meaning of nice which would be outta point. Because ultimately, guys would like to know what kinda guys do gals like so that we wun finish last.

ah boon said...

hmm... juz be yourself n if two are meant to be, it is meant to be.. isnt it the case? We are different, so we are attracted to different people.

BUT i tink, in general, girls want guys to be there for them and make them smile when they are down. Isnt this a simple thing which bth parties are supposed to do it?