Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Why is the space black? Because the sun is radiating light out, then why is the space dark??? When something is black as we see it, it means no light is reflected to our eyes. And that means all the light is being absorbed by the space. And if all the light is being absorbed by space, how could light travel to earth? And what's more, isn't space just vacuum, and how can a vacuum absorb light???

Why are clouds white? Because of the presence of water vapour. But how? It has something to do with wavelenghth but I'm not sure of the exact explanation.

What is a polarizor made of and how actually does it work?


Winmin said...

Maybe precisely because space is just a vacuum and it doesn't absorb any light, that's why no light is reflected into our eyes off it, that's why it appears as black?

Sui Generis said...

Yea, I forgot about shadows and that the universe is so big and the sun is just a tiny portion of the universe. If light travels from the sun through space and reaches our eyes, then we wouldn't see space as black, we couldn't even see space because our view would have been blocked by all the atmosphere and dust particles. Even if we could see space, all we would see is just light, that is we are just staring into the sun.

But when we got the snapshots of space from camera, we are in shadows where the sunlight is out of reach, and where there is no sunlight, it is dark.