Saturday, June 14, 2008


An interesting talk on the string theory. But sometimes I wonder, so what if we find the theory of everything, if one really exists... Einstein believed in a theory of everything... And I guess you could call that the absolute truth, the absolute law... And it's interesting too that how much of the world is govern by maths... Though I hate tedious maths working... And my maths is terribly poor...

But I was wondering, don't the scientists fear that one day there is nothing left to be discovered anymore? Where would they find the joy and motivation in life then?

And interestingly, yesterday 2 christians knocked on my door and I learn an interesting point of view from her which I've never thought of. I was saying if god is omnipotent, which he should be, and which the christians believe to be as well, then it means that when he created Adam he already knew that he would sin and the destruction of all the people except Noah etc... To which she said, well, god is indeed omnipotent, but he chooses not to use his power to see in the future because he gave us free will. Now I thought this was rather interesting.

But then I was reminded of the disasters, the Tsunamis, the earthquakes, all the sufferings and if god chooses not to use his power to prevent these disasters and sufferings ... ...

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