Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quantum Entanglement

So cool! HAHA, Quantum entanglement! IT's saying that one particle... can be in many different spaces or spots or places at the same time.

According to the idiotic ignorant DR ME, from our perspective, we are always viewing it in the 3rd dimension.. where everything travels slower than the speed of light... space is the 3rd dimension.... and this particle, possibly exist in the 4th dimension or higher order dimensions, and therefore, if we see it in the 4th dimension, it will exist in one whole piece, but when viewed in the 3rd dimension, you will see it in different spaces (3rd dimension spots) when it's actually one complete whole in the 4th dimension. The only thing is, we can never get to the 4th dimension unless we travel faster than the speed of light... That's what i think..

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