Saturday, May 3, 2008


Been teaching my student about Romeo and Juliet... And I googled the net and realised that some critics have been saying stuff that fate is the theme of Romeo and Juliet. Fate and Destiny. That everything is fated, everything is destined, there is no running away, sort of like the death in final destination. That it was fated Romeo got the wrong message and thus drank the potion of love and death. "A pair of star-crossed lovers.... etc etc..."

That to me, once again, makes NO SENSE!

Once again, I've to admit I'm ignorant and narrow-minded, and I haven't read the full text before, but ya, it really doesn't make any sense to me. If the critics got the idea that fate was one of the main theme from the ending of Romeo and Juliet where both died a tragic death, then I've to really disagree with them.

It's not as if Shakespeare had a choice. You see, I believe he wanted to write about the nonsensical hatred between people, between the Capulets and the Montangues, and there was all this talk about the names stuff.... Recall the balcony scene, "What's in a name, for if a rose is not called a rose would smell as sweet etc... Please google it, I can't remember and am too lazy to search for it. But ya, I believe Shakespeare wanted to remind us that sometimes our grudges and hatred for others make no sense, racism etc.... the stereotypical prejudices of people... After all , we're all people...... What's the difference man? Recall Shylock in the Merchant of Venince... "Hath a Jew not eyes, nor nose, nor ears etc etc..... " Just because you're born of a different colour, you're inferior to me? Just because you're of a different caste because of your birth you're less worthy than me? It doesn't make any sense, all these prejudices but they do exist! Sexists..... People of differing religions, races, classes....... It seems our mind are just corrupted with these prejudices...

Oh ya, anyway, my point is, therefore, Shakespeare simply was left with no choice but to kill off Romeo and Juliet. To make the ending as tragic as tragic can be so people can remember that the reason, the source for this tragedy is the ridiculous unfounded prejudices we hold of people who are different from us.

Therefore, he didn't choose this ending becasue he wanted to write about fate.... Sometimes, i feel people just read too too much into things... but who am i to say anything? I'm just as ignorant if not more ignorant than anyone else

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