Saturday, May 3, 2008


Been watching the MTV 我不配 which translates to I'm not worthy by Jay Chou. The song is superb I think, but I think the MTV is ridiculous. Haha, well, the female lead is ridiculously pretty. I'm ridiculously envious. My friend told me it's to depict the real story between Jay and some newscaster which was his ex-girlfriend in the past. They couldn't get together because of the media, scandals, rumours etc etc... Hmm... Well.... It all doesn't make sense to me, I mean why must you hide from the public that the both of you are dating? Because it would make you less popular? Then so be it, you already have enough money to last you a lifetime, what more do you want? Pressure from the record companies, the managers? Then so be it, what's more important man, your love or your career?

I must say I'm a very ignorant person, perhaps there are other factors that I didn't look into but to this very ignorant narrow minded me, it just doesn't make sense.... NO SENSE!

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