Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why is there war??

Now now, why is there war? Wow! Such a tough question, or is it really that tough? I've no idea thought, I haven't a belligerent nature or is it just lying dormant underneath or my layers of tranquility?

Basically, I see wars happening everyday, or rather, fights, or rather quarrels then. When people don't see eye to eye, they quarrel and when tensions escalate, they fight. And when the fighting parties posess great powers or happen to be international leaders, then they war.

And so, the root of all these war problems is the not seeing eye to eye part. Can we work out a solution to this problem? Don't mind me, I like to do a lot of self-talk and self-questioning, in fact, if ever I were being stranded on an island like robinson crusoe, I doubt I'll ever be lonely because I sure can entertain myself.

Ok people, bear with me, not bare for me, I'm about to start preaching again. People don't see eye to eye because of several reasons. One, because we are selfish. Two, because of our inability to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Hmm... Is there any other reasons? I can't think of one right now but 2 doesn't sound very wholesome to me, I'd very much prefer 3.

However, the selfish reason I think we can actually eliminate. Because if we were really to wear the shoes of others, I doubt our conscience would allow us to remain selfish. If one was selfish in the first place, one wouldn't have even bother trying to wear the shoes of others. So to me, they are mutually exclusive matters. Am I being a bit extremist here?

And so, the cure for war lies therefore in education. But then the big problem is this, in the world right now, it's the money doing all the talking, economy is king, most of us if not all are its slaves. And because King Economy says now now, I don't need artists, or musicians or any artsy-futsy people, they don't help me earn much, what I need are real workers - the engineers, the lawyers, the doctors etc. And because King is only concern about money-making, he forgot to instill in his slaves the generousity of spirit to wear the shoes of others, and that is also the king's downfall. Because without this generousity in spirit, the slaves will wage wars against one another and who then would have the time to serve the king?

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