Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why do we have to go to school?

Now we're back to the age old question aren't we, why do we have to go to school? Isn't this what we always say when mummy trys to jerk you out of bed, you know? The time when we boys haven't reach puberty yet and we've not been labelled to be jerks yet because we are till cute adorable boys.

Anyway, enough of drifting about, let's get to the main theme, why do we have to go to school? Now seriously, I really have no idea why we have to go to school. I mean if it's for education, why, some mommies and daddies are educated enough to educate their children, or we could even employ tutors for that. And then you say, so school is for the poor then, but why do rich kids still send their children to school? For networking and politics???

Well, maybe it's not that hard a question at all, yea I can hear you people, you're saying how stupid and dumb I am. It's for the people right?! We go to school for the people, for the friends. Where else can you find a place housing so many people of around the same age as you? In most places, children or teenagers that is are the minority, and yes, it's still practised nowadays, children are still to be seen and not to be heard. And that explains why so many kids are into rock and metallic nowadays, because apparently they feel they are not being heard which is really justifiable. But mixing noise with what they are jibbering about really makes it harder for us to hear what they really really want to say. Don't get me wrong, we hear them, but their message just isn't clear.

And yes, I've drifted again. Anyway, yea, we go to school for the people. There is this quote I've heard before somewhere, "Every friend you meet brings out a whole new world in you." Obviously it should sound so much better than this but I can't remember the exact phrasing. And in school, you can find so many friends and thus you find so many new worlds that you never thought possible existed in you. In fact, it could even be larger than the actual universe in this universe? Now which is bigger, universe or world? Darn, it's confusing me. Have you ever been surprised by yourself, what you did and say under certain situations? Well, that's the you that remains undiscovered in you, the unexplored region. And so, we go to school to explore the unexplored in ourselves, not only through our friends, but through the different languages as well, english, chinese, french, all spoken languages as well as the maths, the sciences, music and art. They are what connect us to people of the past and each connection would bring out a whole new world in you. (I think it's clearer to me now, universe should be bigger though what does it realy matter anyway right?)

And isn't the journey of life just a journey of self-discovery?

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