Monday, January 28, 2008


Interesting Fact of the Day: The world's population consists of two thirds female and one third guys. Put it simply in mathematical terms, for every one guy, you get 2 girls. This 'fact' was passed on to me by my friend, haha, I haven't any idea how true it is...

And what this translates to is .......... Every man should get 2 wives, otherwise, where would all the lonely women go???? Haha, We cannot be selfish people man! So ladies, you gotta share your husbands....

Anyway, sometimes, I don't understand.... I understand that there is no need to understand everything but being human, we would like to understand everything even though it is impossible to understand everything but still we try to understand everything even though we don't even understand ourselves and now i don't even understand what the hell am i toking about, do you understand what I am talking about? All this understanding talk isn't helping my or your understanding at all!

Sorry, the 'understanding' bug just corrupted my brain for a moment there.

Yea, I don't understand why some women, or rather, let's not be sexist, some people are so dependent on love, that they think about love all day all night all year long! It's like they eat drink sleep on love.... I was wondering....Is it due to a lack of meaning in life? And hence love is the only meaning in life for these people?! Of course, no offense to these people, It might possibly be that the person typing this now have no experience what true love is and that is why he is talking so ignorantly! Haha, but it isn't any fault of mine that I haven't experience any true love, or is it?

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