Friday, January 18, 2008


Hey people,

I'm so so sorry I haven't written for so long, I hope I've been missed. Haha, yes, I've such a huge ego but I guess it happens to everybody, this ego shit thing. When you die, you hope that you have at least some audience at your funeral. When it's your birthday, you hope that at least somebody remembers. When you write, you hope that someone likes it, etc and etc... and depending on what you do.. The bottomline again is that we all hope to be liked by others... I don't know why I'm saying all these, people, sometimes there is no meaning to why we do certain things, we do it just because we feel like doing it. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, I don't know what I'm gonna write about till I write about it. I hate to plan. My philosophy of life is that you only really start living when you stop planning. Because life is not supposed to be planned at all, planning about how many kids you have, when you gonna have these kids (which my married friend told me takes all the fun away because you know.... it's different), how much money you gotta make before a certain age etc etc... Haha, I guess I'm gonna get bombarded by people, saying you should really start planning because.... And perhaps that is why nobody wants me.. Yes, I'm still left high high up on the shelf, abandoned...

But talkng about wanting me, haha, yes, in fact somebody does want me. On a particular sunday, I was taking a bus to Vivocity. Now, I won't go into all the details as I'm lazy but that day, I was awfully tired after a whole day of soccer so I asked a fellow passenger on the bus for shorter route to Vivo. The fellow passenger then started talking to me, asking me if I'm a foreigner, saying that I just don't look and sound Singaporean. Then we started talking about movies as this fellow passenger's also on the way to Vivo. Then suddenly, this fellow passenger asked me if I have a girlfriend, I said no, then he asked if I have a boyfriend, that's when I suddenly smelled something fishy. I was scared man. Haha, not really, but I felt a sense of queerness. I laughed it off and said of course not. Then he suddenly asked "Can I see you again?". Which I didn't catch properly or didn't believe I heard it so I asked him to repeat 2 more times before it finally registered in my mind. I smiled and said no, I don't think so to which he respond so am i in a hurry to go off now. I told him not really, but I'm running late, which was the truth and so, I did indeed hurry off.

Now, I really have nothing against gays. Yesterday, I just watched Chuck and Larry. I mean, if you're born gay, then what can you do about it right? It's no fault of yours. But some people believe that everyone's born straight, and then suddenly their mind gets warped and they turn gay. Anyway, I don't know, what's the difference right? Gays are just another gender, another sex, they don't do harm to no people. In the past, because one is born a Jew, one gotta die or because one is black, one is inferior. I really see no difference between racism and homosexuaism. Just because they are different from the majority of us doesn't make them bad. What if one day your child is born to be a homo, what'll you do? If history's taught us something, it is that most people really despise people that are different. Haha, back to non-serious stuff, anyway, I'm really flattered to be pick up, and I must say, I'm quite popular with gays. Perhaps I should take women off my list then, haha.

Ok, there is no link here, but just follow me, I just feel like saying this. Today's a saturday morning, so I was having breakfast, and I gotta watch something when I eat, yes, the modern day's disease, so i searched for something inspirational to start off my day and I found, Forest Gump! I really need to run so I wanted to watch the scene where Forest just keeps on running and never stopped.

Ok, let's give some background information, Jenny left Forest after sleeping with him, Forest woke up and found Jenny gone. Then, he suddenly just feels like running, for no reason or whatever, so he just ran, and he can't stop running. Then, when some people asked him why he keeps on running and he told them, for no particular reason at all, they just don't believe and thinks he has a vision or whatever. That he holds the key to the way of life etc... And so they start following him when in fact, he's just running because he feels like running. Funny isn't it? Haha, ok, I really wana write more about it but then suddenly, I just feel like stopping but I'll end off with a line from Forest's Mama,
"You gotta put the past behind you before you can move on."


chocolate lover~ said...

What an experience being picked up by a guy! Quite funny... haha.. No offence to gays.. just that from the way you write, I can kinda imagine the awkward situation aand feel your fear..

As in Forest Gump:" Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get."

So, there you are.. you got yourself an experience being picked up by your fellow gender.

Sui Generis said...

Haha, don't really feel fear la, quite interesting actually. And flattering as well, ;p.